Accessing the Maplewood Hosting Site

I. Connecting With An RDP Client
II. Connecting With An IE Web Session

I. Connecting with RDP Client
1. Windows 7 click the Start Menu and choose Programs, Accessories, Communications, Remote Desktop Connection.
Note: If you need a MAC version, download the Remote Desktop Connection Software from here.  


2. You will see this Remote Desktop Connection window. 


3. Enter and click Connect. The Windows Server log on window will appear:


5. Enter your User name and Password. If MWOOD does not automatically appear in the Log on to box, please enter it (after you log on for the first time, this field will be automatically populated the next time you log on.

Note:  If you do not have the Microsoft Active X component installed, you will be asked to do so. Follow the series of screens provided by Microsoft to proceed with the installation.

You will be asked to verify the authenticity of the certificate. Click Yes when you see this window.

Hint:  If you would like to avoid this verification process each time you want to log on, first click the Options drop-down arrow.

 Click the Advanced tab and select the option Connect and don't warn me.

6. You will see the Maplewood Login form.



II. Connecting With An IE Web Session

If you are running Windows XP SP2 you may need to install the Active X plug-in. If so you will see a message to install. Follow the Microsoft installation procedures as they appear on your screen.
If you do not need to install the Active X plug-in, skip to step 3.

1. From your main Maplewood Terminal Server window, be sure the settings are as follows:


Size: Full-screen

2. Send logon information for this connection: checking the box gives you the option to log on as a different user.

3. Click Connect.